The Young Journey

Being the youngest speaker participating in this year’s TEDxRockCreekPark is a big deal for me and I can’t wait, although the “youngest to” path is one I am growing very familiar with.

On Disney channel shows, they always have a best friend that does exactly what they do, all the time, with them. Like “Austin and Ally”, or “Shake it Up”. Well, I don’t have one of those friends (unless you count my mom), because not a lot of kids do what I do. Most kids either go home and do their home work, watch tv, go over to a friends’ house, or some go home and there is nobody there so they might just get in trouble. But for me, it is a whole different story.

I go home and first, hear what’s going on in my business; I then do my homework, and lastly spend the rest of the evening working on my business. Every once and awhile, I will see someone in school that has a business or they want to start one. They ask me what I do and I give them pointers from my life. The next time I see them, maybe a year has gone by and I ask them how they’re business is going and they say that they quit. It’s either no one was buying anything, or they were being bullied about it.

It’s not a big surprise that a lot of kids my age aren’t into business. One, kids don’t have a lot of patience. I know that I don’t! But I know what my dream is, so I will be as patient as I need to be to reach my dream. Second, some kids don’t have enough confidence in themselves to get over bullies. So if I want my business to thrive, I can’t give up and I must be confident. That’s what I want others to know, that those two things are very important to having a successful business.

Now I don’t want to sound like I know it all, because I don’t, I’m only 13. But if it does please understand, I have just experienced a lot in my few years of business that I can’t help but lay it out on the table. I don’t want to give away too much of what I’m going to talk about, but I have given you the basic outline and I hope that it’s intriguing to you and will inspire you to come out and really hear what this great event has for you.

Hope to see you there! 😀

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