Scott DiGiammarino

Scott DiGiammarino spent 25 years as an award winning, senior executive at American Express. His expertise is in identifying and developing leaders, helping people realize their true potential, and creating innovative solutions like using movie clips to help drive results!

Scott found that the clips were so compelling, and they could make such a difference, that he wanted to share them with the world. In 2000, he started negotiating with the Hollywood studios to form a strategic partnership. It took over 9.5 years of negotiations to get a yes – Talk about perseverance!

In 2009, Scott left American Express and started his new firm, Reel Potential. At Reel Potential, they use Hollywood movie clips to help business leaders inspire, engage and communicate to their employees, in a short, entertaining and memorable manner. Today they’re the only company, in the history of Hollywood, to have legal access to movie clips for business purposes.

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