I feel Honored and Privileged to be participating in the Hero’s journey

I am honored to announce that on May 4, 2013, I will present my first TEDx talk at TEDxRockCreekPark in Alexandria, Virginia. That day, it will be my privilege to join a diverse group of twenty inspirational thought leaders, which include NY Times best-selling authors David Shenk and Alan Fine as well as award-winning director, Pat Solomon (Finding Joe).

I am so excited to be a part of this globally recognized platform from which I will share with you, and the millions who visit TED.com in search of “ideas worth spreading,” that being smarter is possible just by changing the way you think. My talk, “Make Your Brain Smarter: It’s Not What You Think”, aims to dispel outdated misconceptions about what smart is, share cutting-edge advancements in technology that reveal how thinking smarter rewires the brain, and provide insights to achieving higher brain performance across the lifespan.

Popular TED talks in the past have reached upwards of 15 million views and TEDx events have generated more than 78 million views on YouTube. Imagine what we can accomplish by inspiring an audience of that magnitude to achieve better brain health. Imagine the potential of millions of people embracing their ability to think smarter. It is my dream to let the world know that we are no longer confined by the old definition of smart and that the brain is the most changeable part of the entire body, possessing a scientifically proven ability to strengthen at any stage of life.

The TEDxRockCreekPark event is designed to celebrate the hero’s journey; a call to adventure that is refuted before it is accepted and ultimately obtained after overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Greater cognitive performance arises when we embrace healthy brain habits and refute commonly held beliefs that limit our potential. The path to maximizing brain performance and the social, economic and personal benefits that follow are attainable, but first, we must all recognize that attending to brain health is important whether you are young or old.

My talk on May 4 is the culmination of over 30 years of research combined with months working with experts at TEDxRockCreekPark to pack the most powerful message possible into 10 thought-provoking minutes that explore the possibilities of harnessing your cognitive potential, inspiring you to take charge of your brain health and making sure that your best brain years are yet to come.

I hope that you will join me on this exciting journey as I share with you the transformative research revealing the immense capacity of the human brain and its infinite potential. Invite your friends and family as we embark on the next step to taking the brain health movement worldwide.

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