The Young Journey

Being the youngest speaker participating in this year’s TEDxRockCreekPark is a big deal for me and I can’t wait, although the “youngest to” path is one I am growing very familiar with. On Disney channel shows, they always have a best friend that does exactly what they do, all the time, with them. Like “Austin… continue reading →

Personal Dragons

The theme for TEDxRockCreekPark is “The Hero’s Journey.” It is a metaphor for what our life calls us to do and the path that journey takes us on. As I prepared for this event, I thought about the hero’s journey and considered what being a hero really meant. Experience has shown me that we each… continue reading →

Beams of Light

In my office now, I have an old segment of wire coathanger, about a foot long, with half of the paint scraped off. Each end has the metal crudely bent over and wrapped with masking tape. It’s kind of a tribute to masking tape, actually, because it’s held together for 25 years at least. If… continue reading →


Business books seek to create simple formulas for success. In the real world, formulas are often simple, but understanding them is much more difficult, and executing to them can be excruciating. Believe it or not, the simplest of formulas, on a mathematical level, is Einstein’s E=mc2. Alas, it is also the hardest for us to… continue reading →